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Connect! is a rhythm game about LOVE and CONNECTING ♥

Hit SPACE to the BEAT!

Swipe to CONNECT ♥

Connect their HEARTS ♥

Connect! was developed in under 100 hours!

by LunarunaKaideu, & Nemecek

Made with love for Extra Credits Game Jam #4.
AuthorsLunaruna, nemecek, Kaideu
TagsMinimalist, Music
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, One button


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This is an interesting engaging game and looks like something you can expand on. I was left wishing there was another level which is a good thing.


I like the Extra Monochrome art style.

Different puzzles for different levels is great

I can definately see the connect theme coming through

Great feedback to the player


For the first puzzle I was pressing the button on the beat(which seemed like the thing to do) but it didn't work. Then tried pressing the hearts that didn't work either. Although I knew when i didn't hit it I couldn't figure out when exactly to hit it.

For the second puzzle the animation of the players falling in love was a bit to slow so I couldn't track how many many pairs I got. Maybe you could add a counter at the top so i could get score feedback realtime


I would have liked to be able to replay the level before being passed on to the next